May 1, 2006

EU states National Accounts reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics, economy and "justice"

EU states: National Accounts alone reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics, economy and "justice"
European Union states: National Accounts ... without control of borders.
PER DEFINITION National Accounts refer to the country's borders. Example: GDP is the product produced within a country's borders. That's why there's no such thing as California's GDP or Florida's balance of trade.
The same is now valid for any EU state because Control of borders inside the EU was abolished years ago. So:

Questions that illuminati media will never pose, not to mention will never discuss:
- Why does the EU (not to mention each EU "country") continue to use National Accounts indicators for each EU state, starting with Gross domestic product (GDP), going as far as to use them to impose sanctions on EU states?
- How can the national accounts for each and every EU state continue to respect the basic equation [Production = Income = Expenditure], if that is IMPOSSIBLE per defintion once there is no control of borders?

Portugal's maritime waters are the largest (one million sq km) and richest in wild fisheries among EU states.
Yet now 90% of the production in terms of market value can't be included in Portugal's "GDP".
NONE of this is computed:
1. Catches by fishing fleets based on other EU states, although they account for 80% of the production:
- catches sold in other EU states or in any other country for that matter. For instance 60% of the tuna fished in the Azores waters is exported to Japan by such companies.
- salaries paid;
- corporate profits.
All this also means in terms os Portugal's budget ZERO € of value added taxes from these catches.

2. Fishing fleets based in Portugal:
- catches sold in other EU states.

Who is more of a beast: EVERY engineer, EVERY economist or YOU?

UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control

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