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Dec 1, 2009

Parliamentary democracy to dictatorship in 5 steps

Formal parliamentary democracy to formal dictatorship in 5 steps
1.Keep in place a dummy legislative using the traditional name: European Parliament.
The only power, other than to veto legislation, is to nominate 1 out of the 28 members of the new entity European Commission.

2. Create a new entity with a new name concentrating the basic nomination powers of both the legislative and the executive: European Council.

3. Create a new entity with a new name with the rest of the legislative and executive powers: European Commission.

4. Get rid of the title of "prime-minister" 
The previous steps imply the end of the role of prime-minister. 
Unlike the dummy Parliament, used to confuse the audience, a dummy prime-minister would have the opposite effect.
It would have the audience rise questions about the smoke curtain: if he's the prime minister then:
- why isn't he nominated by the parliament? 
- why doesn't he nominate his cabinet?

5. Keep the former designation for the new role, the EU-state governor: prime-ministers (example: Spain, UK, Germany, Italy) or presidents (example: France), including the decorative roles of King/Queen (Spain, UK) and president (Germany, Italy).

Illuminati jokes: 
The first illuminati joke: the non-elected entity with the nomination powers of parliament and prime minister (nomination of all the government but one minister) has as many members as the entity with the rest of the executive and legislative powers: 28.
Other jokes revolve around the dummy European Parliament.

Dummy European Parliament.
Like the King in a constitutional monarchy or the president in a parliamentary republic, the EU Parliament can't issue legislation.
But its role is even more decorative: it can't even call for a new election of the government, unlike some Kings or Presidents of the Republic.
To confuse and mock the human cattle, this theater staged as illuminati joke:
- 375 million voters elect its 766 members, to merely nominate 1 out of 28 ministers.
- this one minister is called "president". Yet his role includes none of the basic roles of a prime-minister or any of the two types of president (presidential like the US or parliamentary like Germany).
- the dummy parliament in fact plays only one of the decorative roles of a president in a formal parliamentary democracy, like former countries Germany or Italy: all it can do is veto legislation.

European Council.
Non-elected entity with the nomination powers of parliament and prime minister: nomination of all the government except for the one minister nominated by the Dummy European Parliament. 
28 members.

European Commission
Non-elected entity with the the rest of the legislative and executive powers. 
28 members.

End Times Paradoxes
Transnistria only really independent state in Europe does not appear in political maps

see 2004 at:
Germans, using fake identities AND/OR fake ethnicity, in KEY roles at the four KEY dates of Illuminati End Times: 1918, 1945, 2004, NOW

2014 May: Illuminati jokes: EU "elections": vote today, count the votes tomorrrow.
As if the EU Parliament itself and the traditional method to rig the elections (of same type as to rig illuminati lotteries, from Euromillions to Megamillions) were not already enough of a joke.
-> How elections are rigged where the sky is not yet the limit, or in other words where paper ballots are still counted by people

May 1, 2006

EU states National Accounts reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics, economy and "justice"

EU states: National Accounts alone reveal illuminati TOTAL control of media, politics, economy and "justice"
European Union states: National Accounts ... without control of borders.
PER DEFINITION National Accounts refer to the country's borders. Example: GDP is the product produced within a country's borders. That's why there's no such thing as California's GDP or Florida's balance of trade.
The same is now valid for any EU state because Control of borders inside the EU was abolished years ago. So:

Questions that illuminati media will never pose, not to mention will never discuss:
- Why does the EU (not to mention each EU "country") continue to use National Accounts indicators for each EU state, starting with Gross domestic product (GDP), going as far as to use them to impose sanctions on EU states?
- How can the national accounts for each and every EU state continue to respect the basic equation [Production = Income = Expenditure], if that is IMPOSSIBLE per defintion once there is no control of borders?

Portugal's maritime waters are the largest (one million sq km) and richest in wild fisheries among EU states.
Yet now 90% of the production in terms of market value can't be included in Portugal's "GDP".
NONE of this is computed:
1. Catches by fishing fleets based on other EU states, although they account for 80% of the production:
- catches sold in other EU states or in any other country for that matter. For instance 60% of the tuna fished in the Azores waters is exported to Japan by such companies.
- salaries paid;
- corporate profits.
All this also means in terms os Portugal's budget ZERO € of value added taxes from these catches.

2. Fishing fleets based in Portugal:
- catches sold in other EU states.

Who is more of a beast: EVERY engineer, EVERY economist or YOU?

UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control

May 6, 2014 - Illuminati jokes about "GDP of EU states" - search for GDP at:
Kidnapped Nigeria girls missing parody: parallel scripts: from Haram Harem to Obama Osama

May 25, 2005

France, May 1968 and Charles de Gaulle - why did the "international finance" do it? Location in end times timeline? Quiz

France, May 1968 and Charles de Gaulle
Why did the "international finance" alias the illuminati do it? 
Location in end times timeline? Quiz
End Times Signs: the last REAL big obstacle in the EEC/EU to the satanic goal of FIAT money as global currency of the EU Beast was ... a veteran of World War I. 
The same one who was also one of the last obstacles to NATO becoming nothing but a satanic tool.
Shortly begore the begin of the" moon walking generation" in 1969, the illuminati finally succeded with a "revolution" where previously they failed with bullets to murder "the most assassinated man ever".

As posted to goldismoney, the site where quiz was first posted: [1]
May 68, France - a milestone in the illuminati plan for route 666.
Is anyone able to explain what was the first reason why did the illuminati organize May 68?
Hint 1: Related to the second cerimony of the satanic trilogy, October 29, 2004.
Hint 2: illuminati planned to formally complete May 68 in 2005.
Hint 3: the name of this site, goldismoney).

More help and to prevent the readers to be immediately confronted with the first answer below: (the "reply" by CIA psy-op 'Infidel' to kill the discussion):
Hint 4: when and who did the last attempt to return to the gold standard, among the governments part of NATO?

Answer to Question of Hint 4:
"General de Gaulle in his famous press conference of February 4, 1965 ... proposes the return to the principles of the gold standard". (link to the article at the site, still in the original post to forums).
Taking control of sites supposed to preserve the legacy of true resisters, like Prophet Charles de Gaulle was, is part of the illuminati agenda "Rewrite History. 
In case the article is no more available, here the archived version from 2004, that you can translate from french with Google: "De Gaulle et les relations monétaires internationales".[2]

Prophet's words from 2007 - Archived:

[1] May 2005: archived page from goldismoney forum.

[2] As predicted, the page survived only in archive:

This should return first the words of Matt Marriott:
lluminati agenda "Rewrite History"