May 25, 2005

France, May 1968 and Charles de Gaulle - why did the "international finance" do it? Location in end times timeline? Quiz

France, May 1968 and Charles de Gaulle
Why did the "international finance" alias the illuminati do it? 
Location in end times timeline? Quiz
End Times Signs: the last REAL big obstacle in the EEC/EU to the satanic goal of FIAT money as global currency of the EU Beast was ... a veteran of World War I. 
The same one who was also one of the last obstacles to NATO becoming nothing but a satanic tool.
Shortly begore the begin of the" moon walking generation" in 1969, the illuminati finally succeded with a "revolution" where previously they failed with bullets to murder "the most assassinated man ever".

As posted to goldismoney, the site where quiz was first posted: [1]
May 68, France - a milestone in the illuminati plan for route 666.
Is anyone able to explain what was the first reason why did the illuminati organize May 68?
Hint 1: Related to the second cerimony of the satanic trilogy, October 29, 2004.
Hint 2: illuminati planned to formally complete May 68 in 2005.
Hint 3: the name of this site, goldismoney).

More help and to prevent the readers to be immediately confronted with the first answer below: (the "reply" by CIA psy-op 'Infidel' to kill the discussion):
Hint 4: when and who did the last attempt to return to the gold standard, among the governments part of NATO?

Answer to Question of Hint 4:
"General de Gaulle in his famous press conference of February 4, 1965 ... proposes the return to the principles of the gold standard". (link to the article at the site, still in the original post to forums).
Taking control of sites supposed to preserve the legacy of true resisters, like Prophet Charles de Gaulle was, is part of the illuminati agenda "Rewrite History. 
In case the article is no more available, here the archived version from 2004, that you can translate from french with Google: "De Gaulle et les relations monétaires internationales".[2]

Prophet's words from 2007 - Archived:

[1] May 2005: archived page from goldismoney forum.

[2] As predicted, the page survived only in archive:

This should return first the words of Matt Marriott:
lluminati agenda "Rewrite History"

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